Unless the coronavirus outbreak in the U.S. can be contained quicker, Americans won’t be cruising out of the nation until just after Halloween.

Carnival, Royal Caribbean and Disney Cruise Lines are among dozens that have extended the cancelation of sailings from North America through October thirty one. The cruise cancelations had previously been through Sept. fifteen.

As per Business Insider, the sail date extension comes amid multiple outbreaks of COVID 19 aboard some of the very first cruises to set sail after the pandemic forced closures across the industry.

Cruise Lines International Association (CLIA) mentioned Wednesday that the pandemic has had a “crushing impact” on the trade but the voluntary suspension of cruises was “proactive behavior (that) further shows the cruise industry’s commitment to public health as well as willingness to voluntarily suspend operations of the fascination of public health and protection, as has happened twice prior.”

Carnival Cruise Line designed the following announcement Wednesday, saying “If factors in the U.S. change and quite short, modified sailing are doable, the marketplace may consider an earlier restart.”

As of August 6, the United States faces much more than four million good cases & approximately 160,000 deaths, the Centers for disease Control and Prevention (CDC) stories.

A late 2019 Economic Impact review offered by CLIA disclosed this cruise actions supports nearly half a million tasks in the US and generates about $53 billion annually in economic activity throughout the country.

“Each day time of the suspension of U.S. cruise operations results in a loss of up to $110 million for economic activity as well as 800 direct as well as indirect American jobs,” CLIA wrote on its website Wednesday. “The impact of the suspension is especially serious in states that depend heavily on cruise tourism, including Florida, Texas, Alaska, Washington, New California.” and York